Monday 15 August 2011

Festival of Quilts, Birmingham - 2011

Had a wonderful day yesterday at the Festival of Quilts - met up with my good friends Fiona Wilson and Dionne Swift who were giving talks and workshops there.

I went with my friend Carol Wilson (Fiona's mum) and we shared a stitching session within the Studio 21 exhibition called "A sense of Place" in which we were able to add a small piece to a larger textile banner. The table was full of goodies - lovely hemp threads, printed fabrics etc we could have stayed there all afternoon (but there was just too many quilts to see...). Above is my tiny added piece, people put their date and place of birth (Horror.......) The main work by Studio 21 was beautiful - a landscape created by different artists.

The person who stole the show for me was Mary Lloyd Jones and I hope she doesn't mind me putting on an image of her work which was stunning. Some of it was done in the 1980's and it was so exciting now - but apparently not everyone was ready for it then! It just made me stop and stare that is the best comment I can give.

Work by Mary Loyd Jones.
(copyright ML Jones of course)

I was very disappointed with my quilt - it was meant to be displayed double sided but ended up hanging on black fabric which killed it really. Of course it wasn't a conventional quilt - so looked out of place I felt - I will have to try harder next year!

All in all a good show.


  1. I loved Mary Lloyd Jones' stuff too, just a shame I didn't get much time to look. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your day. (Thanks for adding me to your blog list) x

  2. youve been added for a while but I didnt realise I wasnt showing quite a few!

  3. I enjoyed it too. Really good to catch up with Fiona and Alice. Loved Mary Lloyd Jones' work, and the Padmaja Krishnan kantha work. Thought your quilt was lovely.