Wednesday 25 September 2013

Taking time

My daughter will be leaving for uni the end of this week so it's been busy getting together everything she needs etc.   I haven't been hand quilting as much as I had hoped but she also understands I don't want want to rush it and the quilt will be ready when she comes home for Christmas.

I haven't been sleeping very well ( and I know lots of other parents feel the same).  You want amazing things for your children but at the same time to be safe .  You do your best but then have to let go and it's that worry that you aren't  keeping them safe anymore it's out of your control!  But as long as they know you are always there to support them its the very best you can do.   To anyone who reads this post I guess you can tell there is a little bit of therapy going on here for the loss of my little girl - but hopeful that the friendship and love for my daughter turning into an independent woman.

Taking time

I wrote the above post  before taking my daughter down - Bristol is a beautiful city and it is lovely where she is living and studying, plus she has great flat mates.  So it was emotional and it's a new phase for our family at hope as her sister misses her.  I cried all the way back (same as lots of other parents I know) but feel happy that she feels happy!  As we walked around Bristol I felt very excited so look forward to visiting again (but not too soon!)

Now I need to get on with some stitching..............


  1. Its always hard when the young ones fly the nest, she will love Bristol, its very friendly. We used to live there and still don't live that far away.
    Another blog I follow, her son has just gone to Bristol as well.

    1. Thanks Debbie - I used to live in Weston super mare a very long time ago! Raf locking x she is having a great time settling in and I know I am like lots of other parents