Saturday 3 October 2009

First Week Over

Well its always a strange week the first one back. Briefs are handed out and it all seems very daunting, I think the key is to be as organised as possible - so I live in hope.

Crits were yesterday which we submitted mood boards for our summer project. My three subjects are "Blodeuwedd - The Mythical Flower Bride" who was made from oak and meadowsweet blossom (lots of chanting went on!), Shreds of Evidence I - Distressed Surfaces of an Old Textile Mill and Shreds of Evidence II - Print and its Machinery. I wanted my ideas to be conceptual and to investigate a story to tell and hopefully to interpret in my own way.

The photograph above is of Woven birds' nests sculptures by Jessica Travers at Newby Hall, Ripon. They are really beautiful and Jessica uses natural and recycled materials. Newby Hall does have alot of sculptures to see within the gardens and is well worth a visit

Its a wonderful windy day so need to clear my head and get blown about outside - plus there are a lot of leaves to collect out there!


  1. Yes, the first week is the strangest, but you will be in the swing of things soon. Hope you have a fabulous third year xx

  2. Hi

    I can't remember if I already sent this to you:

    It's a lovely collection of images of jewellery made from plant material.