Monday 26 October 2009


We have been given the above title and asked to choose an item which we take apart and put back together again in order to understand how it has been made. So I picked a shirt...... Silly girl! Anyway the challenge is there and I am rising to it! After visiting 7 charity shops I found a 100% cotton shirt as I want to print on it. Without realising the amount of work that goes into shirt making it has taken quite a long time to unpick, obviously recording the process as I went along. We will be making a pattern from our chosen item and then put it back together again. I hope to change it by adding extra fabric and pockets following my subject "Shreds of Evidence - Print & its machinery" so I am writing it now as proof that something will happen to change the appearance of said shirt here - it may take some time.

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  1. oooohh - you lucky person, I love being given projects to do, wish I was back studying!

    Very interesting!