Saturday 30 January 2010

Final Semester of Degree

Well as from Monday it is my final Semester of my degree and it will have taken four years. Its been a great journey and I have met some amazing friends for life out of it, plus extending knowledge. Although at this stage I feel that I would actually like to start it all again and I could do so much better! (mature student talk!!)
Will be pushing forward with my Shreds of Evidence and have been researching book binding, printing press (visiting a Book Binding company in Huddersfield on Tuesday) and quilting for my textile art book. I would also like to show that I can produce surface pattern within this and tell the story of traditions in the printing industry.

I've been to some wonderful exhibitions over the past two weeks. The Sashiko Exhibition has finished at York now but it was amazing. Dionne Swift at the Bankfield in Halifax wonderful and I urge people to go see it.

Taking the time to go see exhibitions is so important, personally I feel it makes you think more in depth what you can do with your own work. We all take inspiration from different things, surroundings and also from other peoples work - obviously in a positive way, even a simple stitch can lead to great thoughts of interpretation. It kick starts an idea that you had but was stored at the back of your brain, that is why I feel blogs/diaries are such a good way of exploring how you feel and taking work forward. A discussion in your head - typed out to clarify things!


  1. Artists (& designers) really need to talk to themselves in some form - journals are a great way of doing this.

    I just came across a blog I thought you might find interesting - some lovely book images.

    Thanks very much for the lovely comment.

  2. Hi Carolann,

    I'm so sleepy it's not surprising I forget to add links...

    Take a look at this, I hope you like it.