Saturday 3 April 2010

Grids, words and cotton reels

Have been up very early this morning and written down all the words spinning around in my head. Design development has been taken into two new printing screens this week. One from hand drawn grids - inspiration from the composition matrices (boxes of fonts!) and the other from lines of words. These will be for domestic interiors.

The other side of my collection is my textile art pieces and textile books. One small book will be wrapped around a cotton reel entitled The Embroiderer Meets the Press and you will have to wait and see once finished! There will also be another small linen book both encased in a box representing the "composition matrices".

We have a break for 2 weeks from college and my "to do" list is vast, but it is a good time to catch up with templates for embossing, research for files, fabrics and paper. Plus ............... to finish my dissertation to be handed in when we get back to college.

So it is busy but really exciting as well. Happy Easter.


  1. Really glad to hear you sound busy but happy! Good luck with the dissertation.

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