Friday 9 July 2010

Back from New Designers 2010

Have just spent a week in London - 27th June to 4th July and it was exhausting! The New Designers Show 2010 Part 1 was 1st-4th July and it was a very hot week. I met lots of very nice and interesting people and there was certainly a lot of outstanding work. I was particularly impressed with the University of Derby and their weave and knit - even though I cannot do either very well, but they showcased wonderful talent. Also Bucks New University and Birmingham (Trevor Smith and Jess Edwards's embroidery) - but really throughout the whole show there was some amazing work and it is always interesting talking to people about their design inspiration.

As always I had the wonderful company of Sue who has shared this journey with me (she keeps me sane). Plus our families came down for a visit which made it all the more special.

So now it is back to reality and time at home getting my house de-cluttered and ready for holiday with my family. Oh yes and waiting for the examination results!!! (I actually feel sick when I think about it....)

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