Tuesday 29 May 2012

Found and Revived continued

Still progressing with my project but haven't found a "Winter" design scarf yet - I am looking for nylon, preferred age around 1950's/60's similar to the ones I have.  Ebay hopefully will be a source - but if anyone has an old scarf in a drawer they would be willing to sell me?

I really hope to find one with a label on (my spring ones just states Nylon, Italy) but I love the fact its still on.

I find some stitches more enjoyable - cretan, herringbone, french, whipped spider web and bullion are favourites - in fact I cant really think of any stitch I don't particularly like but I am sure you know what I mean when you have ones you just love doing.

With the wonderful weather I have been stitching outside in the shade, which is just perfect.

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  1. Lovely to see what you're up to. It's looking gorgeous x