Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Taking Time: Craft and the Slow Revolution

Have been up to Edinburgh for 2 days with my family - the trip was organised so that I could visit the above at the Dovecote Gallery. My husband's family came from Edinburgh so it was nice to go back up there, unfortunately no family left but we managed to visit his granny's house and took a picture of our youngest daughter outside it. She is named after her so we were re-creating a photo.
The exhibition was worth the trip, my favourite was Matthew Harris but each section was interesting in its own merit. My oldest daughter sat for over an hour knitting a square - she is still learning and left handed which is a challenge teaching her. My other daughter has less patience so made a bow from wool and added to "The Making of Garland", however she did enjoy Amy Houghton's typewriter and left a message.
The morning left me feeling very calm and I enjoyed the time with my daugthers "experiencing" the exhibition. It also gave me lots to think about for my dissertation so I really need to get on and do the work now!