Sunday 1 July 2012

Eco Printing

Around 3 years ago during my Blodeuwedd - The Flower Bride project I buried a silk scarf in our compost heap at home.  I placed rose leaves onto the silk then rolled it up and thought I would find it again after 3 or so months.  Well my husband found it 2 weeks ago, he passed me a dirty roll and said I presume this is yours!  It never made it to my project and unfortunately I don't have the original photographs to show the first step before burial.   My tutor at Bradford Hannah Lamb may well remember the missing piece from my files.  

Now that I have found it I hope to revive it within my ongoing project with vintage scarves.  I feel that I can add this (embroidered of course) as the only 'new' scarf - as it really was found and revived.

Claire Wellesley-Smith and Hannah will understand my delight at finding it - there is no comparison to the wonderful India Flint!