Wednesday 7 August 2013

Quilting and stitching with love

I recently bought Cassandra Ellis' book Quilt Love which is full of beautiful quilt projects - ones for memory, new born etc but the one I loved is the 'sending off' quilt.

My eldest daughter will shortly be going off to university so the idea of giving her something so personal as a hand made quilt appealed to me. It has taken quite a while to collect all the fabrics - Amy Butler, Kaffe Fassett but also squirrelled away fabrics for 'that special project', then piece it all together.  I didn't actually follow Cassandra's design but I would really recommend this book for her projects.

Whilst I have been stitching I have been thinking about Imogen - remembering since she was small all the lovely walks discussing plants, snails anything to capture nature to your small child.  Also all the lovely creative things (along with her little sister) collecting leaves, conkers- making patterns in our garden, mud pies, easels on the lawn and wet paintings all over the garden.  This was an important part as a mother.  I hope the next step - apart from always being there for her no matter whatever,  is the  continuing mother/daughter friendship.  I want her to love university and do wonderful things but also enjoy coming home.

I love the idea of quilting bees and how family and friends sit together and sewed - what a lovely sharing way to create.  Thankfully I had the help of my good friend Sue to help me place it all together as it is large for a beginner!  Will post a picture when it's finished.  But alot of stitching is required before then.....