Friday 13 August 2010

Exciting Parcel shortly to arrive

Yesterday I had a newsletter from Dionne Swift and immediately ordered one of her new Colouration Kits - Everything you need in one package with instructions.

She has various kits to buy and being a typical textile person I will be very excited when the parcel arrives!

Monday 9 August 2010

The Sketchbook Project

As always Amelia Critchlow's blog is fun, informative and inspiring. Look for the link to the Sketchbook Project which I, and my friend Fiona Wilson, have signed up to. I think it will be exciting to be part of a large project across the sea (so to speak).

Follow the link and be inspired yourself:

Being Focussed

Just been to Provence for 10 days and it was wonderful. I only did two sketches and felt quite guilty, but then realised that I actually needed a rest as four years of hard work has just ended!

So I am back and searching for a suitable job/opening. A few interviews in the pipeline this week which is good and I am also in the process of de-cluttering at home which is necessary to move forward.

A changing time but also daunting. Here I am a graduate looking for a new experience, now having to think for myself with no prompting from tutors. It is exciting, scary and I have to be self-disciplined with my own design work at home - here I go!