Friday 29 July 2011

Festival of Quilts, Birmingham

Will I finished my entry and posted it today (late so they may not accept it!).

Wasn't entirely pleased (are we ever?) but its gone and its my first Art quilt - so forgive me all those quilters out there as it is not a conventional quilt at all but 4 layers of silk organdy, hand painted and stitched.

Glorious Hostas

Tuesday 26 July 2011

Shibori Silk photos

Unfortunately I had to miss the second workshop for Shibori Silk but here is the link to the first one I did. Can't complain I have just had a holiday in majorca for the past week relaxing!

Frantically finishing off my art quilt for the Festival of Quilts now as it needs posting to get there by Friday - oh well........

Saturday 9 July 2011

Shibori Workshop

Had a lovely afternoon using silk and steam fix dyes (done in a microwave). Obviously only learnt the basics but it was nice to do something new and I am really pleased with the bright results - two scarves and sample piece hanging on my line.

I did this through who have run several workshops recently and the last one - stage two of the Shibori is on 23rd July. There are 3 places left for any locals (Ilkley area) wanting to have fun and learn a new skill. Details for contacting Jo Whitehead who ran it today are on this link.

Went with my good friend Sue - obviously had to go have a nice coffee afterwards!

Friday 8 July 2011

Glorious Hostas

Finally got out my Colouration kit (bought from Dionne Swift and started work on my entry for the Festival of Quilts "Art Quilt". Titled as above.

I love it when the Hosta plants in my garden (and anyone elses for that matter) are being eaten by the snails, they produce such beautiful textures within the leaves that they turn into lace. So I don't moan but rejoice in the amazing transformation that takes place.