Friday 14 January 2011

Sketchbook completed

I have finally finished my sketchbook project and posted it to the USA today!

I have to own up to re-working an old sketchbook but I felt I had a lot of material that just seemed to be in a box so now it can at least be viewed. I really enjoyed working in such a small book and my subject matter of being "a bee for the day" lent itself well to some oversized images on pages.

Looking forward to seeing other peoples sketchbooks on the website as well.

Its been a busy time since I finished the degree, starting work etc but I know realise that you do have to be focused and very organised within yourself. So new exhibitions to see, research and start afresh. Also you do miss uni once you finish so its time to join the Embroiderers Guild again.

Time to get busy, get busy and back to blogging!