Monday 19 October 2009

Progressing with Blodeuwedd

Did quite a lot of mark making, looking at meadows whilst visiting Harlow Carr gardens. Diverted off course a little, so back to looking at the growth of Blodeuwedd this week.

I layered some flower petals with sheer fabric over the top and ironed bondawebb to the back to hold in place. I then stitched over, adding paper to the piece and used Koh-i-noor dyes. The photograph shows the piece hanging in my window.

Progressing further I will shortly be attending some life drawing classes at college, arranged by my tutor Hannah Lamb. A little scary - so will post when this happens. In the meantime will continue with stitching on paper and printing with this.


  1. I think you will enjoy the life drawing - don't be scared - will be fab :)

  2. The artist I couldn't remember is Catherine Bertola - patterns in dust. Hope you enjoy your little break.

  3. Carolann your embroidered/bondaweb piece looks beautifulit must have taken ages to do. Excuse my ingnorance but what is Blodeuwedd? x