Tuesday 8 June 2010

Reality Check

Ok - my last post looked like I was just sat having fun in the garden!
  • The reality is I am tired beyond belief - average bed time between 12.30 - 2.30 each night up again 6.45 ish most days.
  • I am working so hard I would love not to have to have any sleep whatsoever so I could do more work.
  • I have done my absolute best but feel that given time I could do even better. I see that as a positive development.
  • My house is disgusting
  • I have had washing on the line for over 5 days (no one else in the family has noticed) - although to be fair my husband has done all the washing and ironing in the Utility.
  • I need to de-clutter my house
  • I need to do something to myself - hair cut/dye, shave legs etc etc
  • Have not been out in months and looking forward to a social life
  • I have managed to look after my family, house, work and do the degree
  • I have cried buckets
The positives:-
  • I am nearly there - as a mature student feel very proud of myself
  • I have met some wonderful friends on this journey (you know who you are girlies)
  • I have enjoyed my development and met some great tutors & technicians at Bradford college.
  • I feel that I am a textile artist now and not someone who does crafty things.
I have survived and looking forward to handing in, assessment, degree show and new designers.
But I still have the finishing off tonight and finish putting up the show tomorrow - so I had better get a move on xx
Big thanks today to Fiona for coming in, helping and keeping me calm love xxx


  1. Was a pleasure - wish I could have done more. Can't wait to see the final result and do the social bit :) - lots of love and well done on all your hard work. - Fiona x

  2. thank youxx your work looks gorgeous on your blog. xx see you next week

  3. I knew that's what you meant really! Well done x