Friday 7 May 2010

Another week over!

It has been a crazy week - very busy in the print room and finally got my last two designs onto screen. If anyone was jinxed on the screen development front it was me. My "boxes" design is hand drawn and very small boxes (monotype casting) and finally after the 4th attempt exposed correctly - not sure what went wrong as it came out in different patches on different screens! Poor Ian (in Print Room) will have had enough of me by the time I leave - a last resort was to get it exposed in the Printmaking Department (thank you Helen Wood). Will show all the results in a few days.

My other screen is "scratched surfaces" taken from a drawing of the Greygnog Press floor, but also inspired by the scratches on all the lovely machinery. It has been a week of printing samples in different colours with my new fabrics and I am very happy with the results. Just ordered more fabric as I need to print two 3 metres lengths from two designs.

The photo shoot was today for self-promotion and I was nervous - but also tired as days have been very long this week (what's new?) so I admit to be rather hyper (hysterical..... whatever.....). Anyway thanks to Hannah Lamb my tutor for giving advice on positioning for photography.

So it is another tick off the list. Because of all the hard work put in this week I finally see some of the end results I want. That isn't to say the "to do" list is nearing its end but I am beginning to get excited about the degree show and New Designers (she says with a very large glass of wine in her hand............................). Happy weekend.

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