Tuesday 11 May 2010

Problems solved

Regarding exposing of screens and the drama - discovery today was that half of the bulbs had gone in the exposing unit. So it wasn't me................................ Poor Ian and all the hard work involved but you couldn't tell until the unit was actually opened.

A good day today as I have finally finished setting my typography, results will be shown in a few days. I need to prepare all my lovely paper, order binding materials and get on with making my book covers - oh and lots of embroidery.

I am just beginning to appreciate what I have actually learnt in my 4 years at Bradford College and how much it has changed my work from simple hobby craft to thinking wider and being an artist. It has being very emotional (friends will testify to that!) and tiring but also exciting.

Keep focused, keep ticking off the "to do list" and I aim to enjoy my last few weeks of finishing my final collection.

1 comment:

  1. It's brilliant that you appreciate how much you have developed your practice during the course. You are doing really well and will be able to appreciate it once your show is up!

    The artist I mentioned is Mhairi Killin


    Hope you like her work.